Renewable Energy for Visionary Communities

Solving the global energy crisis is a complex issue. At Progression Energy, we develop renewable solutions for communities that want to take charge of their energy future.

Powered By Passion


Progression Energy’s leaders have more than 150 years of combined experience in the energy and renewable industry. We come from all over the world, and have joined forces to make a difference in the places that matter most to us. We put relationships first, and we believe that shared values drive project success.

Noe Kalipi

Vice President of Development Noe Kalipi grew up in Hawaii‘i, where culture and community values are rooted in respect for the natural environment and commitment to doing what is pono or righteous.

Josh Franklin

Chief Development Officer Josh Franklin’s passion for renewable energy is rooted in his experiences growing up. Originally from Jamaica, Josh saw how his home country was affected by the high cost of fossil-based…

Chris Swartley

CEO Chris Swartley leads Progression Energy’s commitment to developing renewable energy in a way that respects cultures, protects the environment and delivers economic benefit for communes around the globe.

Chris Swartley

Chris Swartley
Chief Executive Officer

“The ethical and practical don’t have to be at odds. Our goal is to build the best relationships that we can and develop projects smartly and better than our competitors.”

Josh Franklin

Josh Franklin
Chief Development Officer

“I live my values at work every day by developing renewable energy. Our team at Progression Energy thinks holistically about sustainability and our community based approach and respect for local cultures allows us to successfully integrate renewable energy solutions across multiple international markets.”

Noe Kalipi

Noe Kalipi
Vice President, Development

“What is important is finding a pathway for a community to become a part of creating its future. For me, it comes down to how we make the world a better place and how we involve people.”

Community-Based Solutions


Across the globe, diverse regions and island nations share common energy challenges. As residents, businesses and government agencies grapple with decisions about land and resource use, collaboration, sustainability, resilience and more, Progression Energy seeks to stimulate dialogue and create solutions that are right for each community.

Where We Work

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Cutting Edge Technology

Through our funders and partners, we connect communities with the latest energy innovations in wind, solar, batteries and other renewable options. We are agile and iterative, and we continually seek new technologies that can be used to build large-scale energy systems and redefine how communities generate electricity.

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