Stimulating Dialogue To Develop Renewable Solutions


Our Approach

Seeking To Make An Impact

Progression Energy chooses to focus on communities around the globe that have a need for large-scale renewable energy solutions that can be integrated into these communities in ways that honor and perpetuate their unique sense of place in ways that support sustainability, resiliency, and economic growth. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to do meaningful work. Our diverse team comes from places all over the world. We share a rich understanding and appreciation of the importance of continuous learning about the many different cultures and histories that must be valued and respected as new technologies and projects are considered and developed.

Learning By Listening

We seek to gain a deep understanding of priorities, concerns, innovative ideas, and of context by listening. We engage with as many stakeholders as possible, including residents, businesses, organizations, government entities and interested individuals. The best energy solutions come from collaboration and finding opportunities to create win-win solutions.

Relationships Come First

We are proactive in establishing and continuously strengthening relationships within the community throughout the development process, during construction and throughout the project’s operations. We understand the complementary benefits between strong relationships and a successful project. Strong relationships and projects with clearly positive social impact contribute to thriving communities and are long lasting. Building strong relationships and maintaining meaningful community engagement is a core tenet of our business model. We join the communities we build in.

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